Tantric Massage Amsterdam

We’ve been happy to welcome all our guests in the Netherlands, and also to current everyone with considered one of essentially the most exceptional massage company, at your very own hotel !

When you are searching for the highest Tantric Restorative massage you might have landed in the correct web site, this old craft is enhanced by all our highly skilled and educated masseuses. By using intuition and sensual touching, this tailor made massage therapy is just in accordance the person demands and choice.

The packet is one of the most sexual experience feasible. Using our delightful and lovely girls you are in excellent palms and sustain the very best degree of assistance straight in your own hotel room.

Fulfill the distinctive massage packages we have now to offer and also you can love your well-deserved rest time. Unrestrained encounter the sensuality and the top relaxation time and meet up with the class of our incredibly gorgeous and captivating masseuses, surrender with any provider at your lodge area. Our charming and elegant masseuses are happy to provide you with any sort of therapeutic massage, day-to-day until eventually the late hours.

Deal with oneself to the supreme and personal second and revel in your well-deserved relaxation, expertise currently this sensational practical experience with your resort room with our special deals. At Tantric Massage you will get a singular company for the minimal duration of 60 minutes.

By using a visit of 1 or two of our charming and beautiful masseuses you might be certain of an unprecedented massage in which you will enjoy the greatest pleasure. We are an acknowledged massage service in the course of Amsterdam and where you can only be expecting the best. Just about every therapeutic massage will probably be performed by using a exclusive put together ethereal oil on jojoba base that may have got a calming and enjoyable outcome with your full entire body.

To delight in from your deserved relaxation we offer you an distinctive company at your hotel you may use our provider daily and night just as much as you can, and that means you need no more seeking for among the therapeutic massage salons where you do not know what type of masseuse you’ll discover, as we provide exclusive girls with high standard to deliver you only the best and we are equipped to ensure.

We provide Tantric massage support and service in most of the biggest city`s in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Schiphol, Hoofddorp, Haarlem, Den Haag, Leiden, Utrecht, Zaandam
Looking for Tantra Massage & Erotic entertainment in the other places, Scheveningen, Zandvoort, Amstelveen, Ijmuiden, Breukelen, Hilversum, Rotterdam just give us a call +31 (0)6 18633672 due to travel in some area`s we only will provide service for multiple hours.
Ask our operator for the conditions, we are ready to serve you in all the hotels in the biggest city`s and villages in the Netherlands.[/vc_column_text]

Visiting and exclusive service in the hotels

Tantric Massage – Designed for visiting service.

Tantric Massage is designed for visiting massage in all the major cities in Holland. We are very well know and are specialized in visiting: Amsterdam, Schiphol, Hoofddorp, Haarlem, Den Haag, Leiden, Utrecht, Zaandam. Visiting massage is one of the most convenient ways to book a massage, enjoy your own comfort in your own bedroom as you can relax deeply and truly. You don’t need to wonder on the streets were you are not knowing where you are going to end up, and especially when you just experienced a wonderful massage.

We are open from 9 o clock till the late next morning every day- just give us a call or online booking one hour upfront and we will try to send you the desired masseuse as soon as possible. When your choice seems to be busy we will get you the best suitable one who will fits your needs. And in most choices she will be on your address within 30 minutes, so you don’t really need to weight to long. In most parts the masseuse will be present at the time, the masseuse therapist from Amsterdam are very punctual and will not cause inconvenience by being late.

Tantric Massage – We offer you only the best.

A meeting with Tantric Massage is a full experience of the highest level of erotic pleasure and supreme levels of sexuality, finesse and sensual sophistication. The masseuses are proudly to offer all citizens and guests a highly professional visiting from beginning to the end. Our young beauties are selected with care and are truly irresistible and impressive. We have been searching all over the country for these beautiful ladies and they are featured in our gallery on the website.
We offer you only the best Tantric Massage or Erotic Massage – Tantra is not only an art but it is also a science, and we are able to manage both dimensions because we combined the ancient tradition (4.000 years) with modern accents and the full demand of these days.

Tantra Massage – Origins and the philosophy

The spiritual traditions in the world of tantra are probably the most controversial to other massages. By some tantra practitioners tantra is considered to be the most effective and the shortes way to enlightenment while others truly believe it’s nothing more than a spiritual massage practice.

About 4.000 years ago tantra initially started in the country of India and was only practiced by the “low-end” cast of the society. They were very religious society, and as far as we know tantra was born from a rebellion way against the dominant way of religion Brahmanism. The Brahmanism was likewise to the tantra against yogic asceticism and was mostly practiced by the high-end of the society in India.

One of the greatest contrast and features tantra celebrated life, for mind, body and spirit. Everything was encouraged and there was nothing forbidden, when you look deeper into the art of tantra there was a much deeper truth and many people did not see it at that time, the orgiastic rituals. The sexual art always was prominent by teaching the ancient art of tantra, and they did not realised the power this sexual energy does with the body mind and soul. The sexual truth and the core of the tantric philosophy that it was an aspiration for the fully and part of the spiritual transformation. What should be said by the different practices and branches within the tantra there was a significantly philosophy by their approaching.

Tantra Massage – The benefits of Tantric

The tantra massage makes it able to every individual to go be on places they have never gone before, and allows any individual to reduce stress, fully relaxation and a just the troubled and emotional state your in. The tantra experience in essence will bring a peace of mind and also brings clarity thought the body and mind. Tantra is not just a massage, it`s an experience where you have never gone before and will heal most alleviated pains and aches.
We have experienced that on your lower back is lying a lot of tension and negative energy, by sweeping downwards this energy will be released from your system. Tension and stress causes a lot of problems in the human body, this is one of the reasons that this negativity has to be disposed from your body. Experience the pleasure of and erotic tantric massage and feel re-born the next day.

Tantric Massage – What to expect from your masseuse

By starting the therapy there is used a little lubrication on your body, the tantra massage is going deeper when it is done in combination with the Lingam Massage therapy. The erotic tantric massage gets it deep, it`s not like a Swedish Massage where it just grazes over your skin. The tantra massage is partly slow and there are not a lot of vigorous movements by the masseuse, and when you start to feel pain or too much pressure somewhere just let the masseuse know she will reduce the pressure of the massage. Try to hold your breath when you starting to feel too much of it, this will also help to reduce the pressure, and always feel free to ask your therapist to reduce the pressure.

The Tantric Massage therapist in doing the work usually semi of fully naked because this the nature of the massage. The masseuses are selected to practice the Tantra path on their natural attractiveness and therapy skills and they are well-trained. Tantra is very relaxing by itself and besides that its highly erotic and sensual at the same time, with this religious & philosophical ancient art of Tantra.

Tantric Massage – The Massage & procedures.

The massage of one hour has a basic duration of 50 minutes, because the masseuse needs to shower and dress and undress. The massage are performed on the body and face and the first few strokes are done with sensual care and particularly delicate, in order to make contact with you and are performed with a choreographed harmony on to your body, wide and gentle.

Our erotic massage therapist will follow the lines of the meridians & chakras that are the channels witch feed your body with life energy. Make note: Your most intimate parts of your body are included also and depending on the receiver the masseuse will proceed with gentle strokes and will bring you in the state of wellbeing. The session will always end with the Lingam Massage some call it an Happy End, this is not a goal but rather a bonus massage that’s included. In general the effects observed after the therapy are a sense of peace, harmony, balance and liberation. And also an expansion of spiritual elevation, happiness and relaxation.

The Erotic Massage & Tantric Massage

Like we already mentioned the tantric massage is designed for visiting massage and is a sensory experience of erotic adventure and will make you reach your higher personality. When you are totally open for any erotic encounter of the highest level with our supreme masseuses we can provide any individual with the best possible service they have ever experienced before. Call for an Erotic Massage Amsterdam and our masseuses will be present in about 30 minutes in your hotel or personal address. When you need to make use of any assistance in other places in most cases we are there within 45 minutes approximate.

Erotic Massage Den Haag, Amsterdam, Schiphol, Hoofddorp, Haarlem, Den Haag, Leiden, Utrecht, Zaandam can be ordered right here at any time of the day. But in some area`s we only supply you with the minimum duration of 90 and 120 minutes due to the travel distance.

Our Most Popular Massages

In most circumstances, our masseuses is often existing within the place in somewhere around thirty minutes, we want to request you kindly ahead of our girls exhibit as many as acquire ten minutes in advance of an refreshing shower or bathtub. This is due to of your cleanliness, that is essential to suit your needs as for us, also your pores will probably be open up which will give an extra dimension to 1 of one’s providers you prefer to buy.

Get pleasure from currently of our beautiful charming and sexy women Simply call our support : +31 (0)6 18633672 and let you have a nice pampered therapeutic massage with of one of our most gorgeous masseuses. With us you’re in excellent fingers, and supply you with any therapeutic massage package to your own decision. And the best offer ” Lingam Therapeutic massage ” which is also referred to as a cheerful Conclude is freed from cost in combination with any of our other massages.

In this article you can already find four of our greatest and most sensual erotic girls, examine out our ” masseuse website page ” absolutely you’ll find the lady who perfectly suits the sort of therapeutic massage you need. Just one by one they are really all exclusive and beautiful so we have been confident you will not quickly ignore this pleasurable practical experience. Our pleasing masseuses are now available from sixty minutes to present essentially the most erotic working experience plus a real legitimate service.

So as to satisfy each need of our prospects, we have just about every kind of massage for you specially intended and home made . We promise you the final word rest time packed with passion and comprehensive surrender.

To ensure that you discover the proper girl that should match your needs properly, select the just one that suits you the top. Should you have any queries about any of your masseuses or any sort of therapeutic massage it is possible to access us at +31 (0)6 18633672 until the late several hours.

Purchase now one of our charming masseuse at your place and be impressed by their course and abilities, enable this chance not be untouched and get in touch with our unique assistance, we’re there for you every single day. And also the highlight on leading is definitely the Lingam therapeutic massage what exactly is free of charge (together with one of our packets) , appear at it being a reward.


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Tantric Massage in Amsterdam is a tailor made and legendary experience of the highest superior level of eroticism. Our Tantric Massage Amsterdam is known of its excellent service and we are proud to offer this unique way of relaxation for our Amsterdam citizens and our guests. Tantric Massage Amsterdam offers more than just a massage, we offer class visiting to all the hotels in Amsterdam with the finest and only the most beautiful ladies from Amsterdam.

Massage service is one of the most convenient way to relax, the visiting massage service from Tantric Massage Amsterdam offers all the comfort in your own bedroom. No going out on the streets, No interruption, Not knowing where you might end up. None of this ! That why we are specialized with hotel visiting massages in Amsterdam.
Tantric Massage Amsterdam offers more than Tantric service, our service can help to establish an inner deeper bond and to discover you all facets of your inner sexuality. Tantric helps you to open erotic sensations and sexual fulfillment.

Tantric Massage Amsterdam

Offers Erotic Massage, Sensual Massage, Full Body Massage, Body to Body Massage, Relax Massage and highly erotic entertainment.

Tantric Massage Schiphol Airport is a sensory experience of the highest eroticism level and expansion of spiritual elevation. When you are allowing your body and give yourself full access, all true feelings and all desires are starting to come out transform the life, towards self-actualization and experiencing the deeper dimensions of life. That is why Tantric Massage Schiphol if offering this unique and class service to all guests at Schiphol Airport.

We from Tantric Massage Schiphol offer you a beautiful adventure, rather than bleak and dull day to day existence or struggle. Tantric Massage Schiphol allows a greater understanding of own personality to take place and as a consequence. Meet one or two of the finest masseuses at Schiphol Airport who will give you an deeper experience of your body mind and soul. Besides Tantric Massage we also offer a great selection of the most exclusive massages at the airport Schiphol: Body to Body Massage, Erotic Massage, Full Body Massage, Sensual Massage, Lingam Massage, Relax Massage, Four Hands Massage, and more.

At Schiphol Airport we offers massages in all the hotels from 1* till 5* hotels our beautiful masseuses know exactly the way to any place in the hotel.

Tantric Massage Den Haag allows you to create a greater personality with a one of a kind Tantric massage. Every Tantric Massage is performed by one of our highly specialized and well trained masseuses. And the best part is that they are irresistible beautiful one by one. With the Tantric Massage Den Haag you will have a unknown and powerful experience when the individual is totally open for the occasional moment. It will bring you the maximum relaxation and happiness and a powerful sensory experience for the purpose of meditation and also listening to the higher self.

We only work with the finest masseuses you will find, that is why Tantric Massage Den Haag is not only recommended on the internet but also mouth to mouth recommendation. Tantric Massage Den Haag takes full awareness and consciousness to experience this deeper reality. We also offer more exclusive massages than only the Tantric. We are proud to offer you also in Den Haag the Sensual Massage, Body to Body Massage, Erotic Massage, Relax Massage, Full Body Massage & Lingam Massages.

For the best experience in your hotel just give a call we need only 45 minutes approx. to be at your address or hotel for the minimum duration of 120 minutes.

Discover the essence of Tantric Massage Hoofddorp and release all emotional blocks and psychological stress in your whole body. During the massage you will experience emotions like never felt before. Tantric Massage Hoofddorp will open up your inner self by this “tailor” made massage. There is not one Tantra Massage the same as the other, and is customized for any person individually. Release yourself now from every day stress and rush and call for Tantric Massage Hoofddorp on +31 (0)6 18633672

One of the great features of Tantra is besides the erotic tint it stands out from any other type of massage. Deliberately raising the sexual response by gently stroking and complete caressing your whole body. All our masseuses are well skilled & trained and will give you an sophisticated massage with unrestricted techniques where ever you are staying in Hoofddorp.

Tantric Massage Hoofddorp provides more than only Tantra service, experience the Erotic, Body to Body, Sensual, Body, Lingam and deliberate your body from all types of stress. Book one of our finest masseuses for minimum duration of 60 minutes or longer.

The Goddess of Tantra has spread her wings over Utrecht, Tantra Massage Utrecht offers a great selection of maximum pleasure and erotic response. Don’t be ashamed that the Tantra Goddess will touch you in the most intimate places parts of your whole body. These preliminary preparations are followed in about the minimum duration of 120 minutes. The finest masseuse from Tantra Massage Utrecht starts with the first strokes particularly slow and delicate in order to come in personal touch with her client, and are performed with her sensitive and sensual hands in harmony on your full body.

Tantric Massage Utrecht offers only the most incredible and sexy masseuses, they are all experts in Tantra and are well- trained. In Utrecht you can order a Tantric Massage for the minimum duration of 2 hrs. Tere are also different types of therapies available, you can make a choice after your personal preference. Whatever your personal preference is its important that any kind will make improve your blood circulation and calms your nervous system, improves the muscle and stimulates the skin function.

Tantric Massage Utrecht offers: Body, Full Body, Erotic, Tanric, Sensual, Lingam, Body to Body, and relax massages on daily base an in every address or hotel in Utrecht.

We from Tantric Massage Haarlem know that it is important to always take some time off, and just stop working and enjoy some quality relaxation time with an unique erotic massage. Tantric Massage Haarlem has medical evidence in the advantages of any type of massage degreases the chronic conditions to reducing the growing tensions of our busy lifestyles. There are numerous of benefits with the massages and in many conditions it can help one to get back any joy of life, and you are now one phone call away from it.

Tantric Massage serves whole Haarlem for the minimum duration of 2 hrs and offers only the exclusive packet deal. When you are staying in a 1* or maybe a 5* hotel within 40 minutes we are there to deliver the finest service. Calm your nervous system, improve your blood circulation and get all daily stress and blockages out of your body today. We are a proud that all clients will recommend us thought mouth to mouth.

We offer the most exclusive massages in Haarlem, Body to Body, Erotic, Sensual, Body, Lingam, Relaxation, Full Body and also erotic entertainment of the highest level. We only work with the finest masseuses Haarlem has to offer.

Tantric Massage Leiden offers different types of massages, Erotic, Body, Lingam, Body to Body, Sensual, Four Hands, Relax and Swedish Massage at any time of the day. Tantric Massage Leiden gives you that extra dimension in your own hotel of personal address. When you are feeling lonely and feel like some female companionship or you want erotic entertainment in your hotel, you can contact Tantric Massage Leiden on daily base.

Restore your balance to the max and get your bloodstream flowing, we offer that service you are looking for. Visiting massages are the most exclusive way of service, that is what we stand for and nothing less. Our charming and irresistible masseuses are the best of the best, that is how we can remain our exclusive and popular name in Leiden. Every day we are service most of the hotels in Leiden and for the minimum duration of 1 hour you can be sure of one of the best massage services ever. We give you the best possible because we have a high standard and have our name to maintain.

A lot of people benefit from Tantra, Tantra reduces stress in a comfortable way, is this your way to reduce stress ? Just call Tantric Massage Leiden today and benefit now !

In the city of Noordwijk by the sea we are proud to handle all our visitors and hotel guests who stay in the luxury hotels. Because we offer supreme service and any type of massage we are very welcome in all the hotels. Tantric Massage Noordwijk is a very popular service where you can make use of one masseuses for minimum duration of 90 minutes and longer. You can easily order our Tantric Massage in Noordwijk for all types of massage, Body to Body, Sensual, Lingam, Relax, Erotic and also just for erotic entertainment of the highest level of eroticism.

Tantric Massage Noordwijk is an exclusive massage visiting service where you can only find the very best service and the finest Dutch masseuses who are very well trained. Reduce your stress level today with our vising service we have to offer. Never experienced a Tantric Massage before ? Get your first consult today, when you have checked in the hotel we are ready to support you with all the visiting massage service you need.

Pre book in advance or make your booking straight away and give us a call, within 45 minutes approx. we are there to serf you with the very best possible.

Among spiritual traditions in the world Tantra that was and has originated in India over 4000 years ago and initially was practiced by the lower casts of the society. On the contrast Tantra celebrated birth in all it`s variety`s and strives for the union of body, mind and spirit. Nothing is forbidden in the world of Tantra and all is encouraged. And this truth is that at the core of Tantric philosophy there been an aspiration for the total spiritual transformation. However such differences like Tantra as a whole uses everyday hustle and hassle, such as drinking, eating, and of course sexuality, for personal & spiritual transformation.

Tantric Massage Zaandam putt that philosophy in to a unique and exclusive massage visiting service anywhere in Zaandam. We have also selected a great variety of the most popular massages a men can ask for and leave nothing left to wise for. Erotic Massage in Zaandam is also Possible the same as Body to Body, Lingam, Sensual, Relaxation & Full Body Massage is our core business.

When you are staying in one of the hotels in Zaandam, probably the front desk will recommend our service when you’re going to ask for erotic entertainment.


For the full treatment with erotic entertainment of the highest level, we present you daily only the top masseuses of Amsterdam. We are always happy to service you with the best possible pleasure at any hotel in the city


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